Listen To My New Song

I have been working a lot with different artists like Ebbot, Nina Persson (Cardigans), Robyn among others. Finally I decided to dedicate myself to my own music. Here is a tune referring to that process of more and more direct my energy toward my own creativity process.


In the southern woods of Sweden I like to stroll in contemplation under the vast umbrella of leafy branches opening my mind and ears to new ideas for the music. I received piano lessons while growing up n Germany returning the favor by later giving lessons in France.

I’m having a great fondness for two S-cities Skellefteå and Séte. Far apart but connected. Ever mindful of how Nature is suffering I am wondering how I can help, spreading the word by singing, bike instead of driving, buy second hand, put bicarb in the dishwashing machine.

I like a lot to dance, feel free and enjoy the music!

If you want to send me your thoughts on my music or if you have something else on your mind, please send me an email at I look forward to your thoughts.

And Here Is Another Song:

When I shop food I think a lot about our food industry and lifestyle and some of my reflections ended up in this song.

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